Business Culture in the Netherlands: about Corporate Social Responsibility

Attitudes and values form the basis of any culture. They reflect both the way people think and behave. Understanding attitudes and values can therefore be of significant importance if you wish to communicate with your counterparts effectively. Ignorance of these issues can result in a cultural barrier that may inhibit the communication process and have an adverse effect on the success of your activities in any given country.

Business Club Spanje is about sharing knowledge and bringing people and organizations together. People and organizations that have an interest in and between Spain and the Netherlands.

On Thursday 25th of September we will organize our next networking event in Amsterdam (read more about this event here). During the weeks and days before, we will share some of our knowledge on cultural (business) affairs on doing business in and between Spain and the Netherlands.

Episode 1 is about …

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a matter of history, the Netherlands is one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the world. Owing its existence to a continuous battle against encroaching waters, harnessing wind power in support of its efforts, the country has an intimate and forgiving relationship with nature. A strong farming tradition, with market gardening and horticulture as a prosperous offshoot, has reinforced the process.

The only major challenge is that, with the current strong emphasis on livestock breeding, the Netherlands has a problem coping with vast quantities of liquid manure. For this reason alone, with the country having three large rivers – the Rhine, the Maas and the Scheldt estuary – water quality is a major issue.

As the country is aware of current global issues, such as the quality and availability of water, the heating of the planet, sustainability and such, the people are striving to improve life for the individual and society as a whole. They do this as consumers, but they also take this to work as professionals. They look to eachother and organizations.

Corporate social responsibility is of importance and can even give you a competitive advantage if you are on the forefront of protecting and improving life.

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