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How to become a Spaniard in 20 easy steps

Moving to Spain is one step in the right direction, but to really become a Spaniard is another. We found you some 20 easy steps on how to become one. Here are number 1 to 3. Read the full article to see the rest.


Set your inner clock backwards or just trust the sun (Spain is in the wrong time zone). This way you’ll find it easier to have lunch at 2pm (it’s actually 1pm) or have dinner at 9 (it’s 8). Once you do this naturally, go back one extra hour to reach perfection.


Introduce sobremesas in your life until you’re able to connect lunch-coffee-supper-dinner in a continuum where you only leave the table to visit the bathroom.


If you’re under 35, go back to you parents place. If you don’t want to abandon your independence, have lunch with them at least once a week. Lees verder

How to Find Work in Spain

Spain is slowly clawing its way back from a crippling financial crisis and is experiencing surges in several sectors, even encouraging entrepreneurs to set up shop in Iberia.

It’s a common misconception that teaching English is the only job you can find as a native English speaker in Spain. While it certainly is a way to a paycheck, there are other jobs for the ambitious expat in IT, customer care, marketing and social media, and even health care. Many expats who have secured a residency visa are also entering the world of the ‘autonomo’ or self-employed worker.

Spain’s job market and manner of looking for employment is likely different than your home country. Lees verder

Spanish language learning: The only Spanish language proficiency certificate for the whole planet | EL PAÍS

Students of a foreign language usually have a globally recognized test that they can take to demonstrate their skill level: English has its Cambridge-awarded Proficiency, French has its DALF, German has its Goethe-Zertifikat… But not so Spanish.There are 550 million Spanish speakers in the world, yet no international examination to certify proficiency in the language exists.But this shortcoming is about to end. Within the hallowed walls of the San Ildefonso College in Mexico City on Tuesday, Spain’s King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia presided the presentation of Siele – the International Service for Evaluation of the Spanish Language.

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Tax minimization in Spain

The foreign entrepreneurs who are performing businesses in Spain should know that there are a few legal methods to minimize the taxes they have to pay to the Spanish public budget. Before applying the minimization method, it is necessary to determine the residency of the foreign investor and its company and if there are certain double taxation treaties signed between Spain and his/her country of residence.

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Dutch economy in focus – GDP growth above 2% – ABN AMRO Insights

Growth set to accelerate above 2% in 2015 and 2016 The Dutch economy grew at a fairly brisk pace over the past two quarters and the outlook is good. As a result, we have raised our growth estimate for this year. Both this and next year, growth is set to be above 2%. For several … Continued

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