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Are you a Spanish or Dutch entrepreneur or professional and operating on the Dutch and/or Spanish market. Are you looking to expand your business in the Netherlands or Spain? Do you want to be updated with the latest information on economic development? What sectors are interesting to invest in? Are you looking for business partners? Are you looking for a suitable networking opportunity? Do you want to learn? How to reach your clients? How you can develop yourself and your business? To run your business more efficient and effective, to grow your business, while enjoying yourself doing it? Are you interested for inspiration? Now, or in the future? Then connect with us, join us and sign up with our newsletter . BusinessClubSpanjeNewsletter

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About Marco Kivit

I am a financial (controller) with a broad financial experience and interest. Companies that I worked for include both large companies as well as Small- and Medium sized companies in various sectors, such as Allianz, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Royal Dutch Household, Royal Dutch Mint. I have set up Business Club Spanje to bring people and organizations together, to share knowledge about doing business in and between Spain and the Netherlands and to promote our partners.