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International job fair, Saturday 5th of April, WTC Amsterdam

Although hard to imagine in the current economic climate, particularly with the growing unemployment rate in the Netherlands, the shortage in the skilled and highly-educated workforces is expected to grow in the coming year(s). With this in mind, Expatica and Together Abroad introduced the International Job Fair, the event for pursuing an international career in the Netherlands, in 2013. After a successful first edition, the International Job Fair will return to Amsterdam on Saturday, 5 April 2014. Register Now to save €5 off the door price.

This is what the experts say about the situation:

“The shortage of skilled workforce in healthcare is confirmed by the Dutch government on their website: ‘1.3 million people work in the healthcare and social welfare sector in the Netherlands. Over the next 15 to 20 years, over 40,000 extra staff will be needed – if we want to continue to provide care in the same way – to cope with the growing number of elderly people requiring care.’”

Rob van Gijzel, mayor of Eindhoven
“If the current demand – supply gap is not met soon, about 3000-5000 skilled job vacancies per year will go unfulfilled in the Eindhoven region alone.”

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Netherlands attractive for foreign companies

The Netherlands is the most attractive country for foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in Western Europe This is due to the relatively low operating costs for start-ups.

Companies face lowest expenses in the Netherlands, according to a study by accounting firm KPMG.

Especially Dutch office facilities are relatively inexpensive. Also incentives for companies doing research and development, make the Netherlands attractive. Furthermore, in Western Europe, only the labor costs in the UK are cheaper.

The United Kingdom and France score second and third place on operating expenses. Germany is, in Western Europe, the most expensive country to start a business.


According to the accountancy firm, in choosing a new location one should look carefully at the costs.

“The fact that the Netherlands scores well in cost comparisons, is an important signal to foreign companies that especially in these time have an emphasis on cost as a selection criterion in their choice of location,” writes KPMG.

For the study, the agency compared the cost of labor, finance, energy, transport, telecommunications and taxes.

Source: nu.nl