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Network meeting Spanjeborrel coming up on 12th October 2016 with special guest: Jasper van Dorrestein

Dear readers,

We are organizing a new network meeting, the Spanjeborrel,

on Wednesday 12th of October in Utrecht,

  Theme of the evening:

“Your orange elevator pitch in Spain:

How to use storytelling to succesfully access the Spanish market.”
(And many more)

   With special guest / speaker: Jasper van Dorrestein.

Jasper van Dorrestein

Former director of the Netherlands Business Support Office in Barcelona, founder of La Mesa Naranja, Dutch Network Brussels and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Sweden. Owner/founder of BCN Business Agency and Project Manager for content marketing agency OHQ.es


18:30h: reception with Cava

18:30-20:15h: presentation by: Jasper van Dorrestein

“How to pitch yourself to a Spanish Audience, … or just not.”

20:15h: free networking with tapas and drinks

21:15h: closure 


Restaurant Abrikoos

Oudegracht a/d Werf 145-149, Utrecht.

Admission fee:

Eur 30,-

Get your ticket here:

click to order your ticket now


Organized by:

Hester Vermazen and Marco Kivit

Hosted by: Hester Vermazen

Sponsored by:


Effectief netwerken via 4 gouden regels

Effectief netwerken heeft vooral te maken heeft met het leggen en onderhouden van contacten met mensen die mogelijk op termijn voordeel kunnen opleveren. En lees hier niet “direct voordeel door rechtstreeks aan hun te verkopen”! Nee! Vooral door iets voor hun te betekenen, door iets te geven, vaak door een hulpvraag in je netwerk en alle achterliggende netwerken neer te leggen en de juiste personen te vinden die een oplossing kunnen aandragen. Dit maakt dat je op termijn in vele netwerken wordt gezien als een betrouwbare schakel die hulp kan bieden, een expert dus. Uiteindelijk gaat de gunfactor werken en komen mensen vanzelf naar je toe met een hulpvraag die jij in een betaalde opdracht kan oplossen.

Netwerken kent vier gouden regels. Door het toepassen van deze gouden regels zal netwerken uiteindelijk leiden tot meer zakelijk succes.

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A succesful Spanjeborrel @ the Regio Business Dagen: read our report and see some photo’s

On wednesday 21st and thursdsay 22nd of May we were present at the Regio Business Dagen in Utrecht. On wednesday we held our Spanjeborrel. Together with some 45 other Dutch and Spanish entrepreneurs we were networking while enjoying some Cava and tapas served by our partner Sánchez Catering.

Read our report and see more pictures of this event here.

This Spanjeborrel was sponsored by:Time ITLogo_EE-rood_-_groot_formaat

Business Club Spanje at the Regio Business Dagen; get your free ticket and visit us

Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd of May the Regio Business Dagen-event will take place in Utrecht. This year the event will be bigger, with more national and international businesses and networking organizations participating, with more presentations and workshops and with more visitors.

Like last year Business Club Spanje will participate to this event! (See the report and pictures of last year here.)

We would like to invite you to visit this event and meet us personally.

Visiting the Regio Business Dagen will enable you

  • to visit hundreds of organizations presenting themselves, and
  • attend presentations and workshops and networking opportunities.

Visiting the event and attending presentations and workshops is completely free.

For more information on the participants to the event and the program of presentations and workshops you can visit the website www.rbdUtrecht.nl.


[symple_heading type=”h2″ title=”Business Club Spanje at the Regio Business Dagen” margin_top=”20px;” margin_bottom=”20px” text_align=”left”]

You will find us and our partners at the Internationaal Ondernemenplein at stand number 76. We look forward to welcome you there.

Together with our partners we will organize the Spanjeborrel which will take place on Wednesday 21st of May from 18:00-20: hours at our stand.

With this, we offer you a great opportunity to meet people and organizations with an interest in Spain and the Netherlands. We welcome you with a glass of Cava, tinto de verano and tapas.

Thanks to our sponsors the Spanjeborrel is free as well.

Are you interested to visit this event and meet us personally? Then sign up and we will sent you your e-ticket.


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Logo_EE-rood_-_groot_formaatTime IT





‘Integridad y Buen Gobierno’ by Henk Bruning at the Spanjeborrel

Spain has different sides. We like to be in Spain enjoying the kitchen, the way of life, the ‘mañana mañana’ mentality, the sunlight and different landscapes. However we shake our heads when we look at the corruption, the slow bureaucracy and the lack of initiative.

The power of Spain is – though crisis has hit hard – that people stay; enjoying the pleasures of life. A clear example is the ‘Salon de Gourmet’ fair of last week in Madrid. Three halls of small and medium sized entrepreneurs promoting their lovely natural and handy craft products. Full of energy, inspiration, ‘alegría’ and convinced that they will make it in Spain and abroad.

The other side, showing Spain’s weakness, is her introvert government and the corruption scandals that are surfacing daily. Bad governance hinders a lot of small entrepreneurs (pymes), oppressing them with high expenses. In Spain the economy does not improve due to the poor working mentality, fear and lack of initiative. In consequence, backlogs in the modernisation of health care, education and a modern public administration arise. The corruption causes that million of euros disappear into the pockets of a small number of people putting that money on bank accounts abroad. Necessary investments are lacking. Spanish middle class is the real victim. A growing number of people are forced to live on the streets. Politicians promise solutions but are actually part of the problem themselves.

Nevertheless a growing number of citizens, politicians and civil servants protest and are willing to improve public administration. Their motivation: they really care about Spain and her future.

Henk-Bruning-in-winkel-bij-boekIn July 2013 Henk Bruning published his book ‘Integridad y Buen Gobierno’. Since then he conducts interviews with people from local and national government and unions. Also he organizes trainings and seminars to put good governance on the agenda. ‘Poco a poco’ he discovers the cultural resistance but also the opportunities.

He will present his book and talk about good governance at the upcoming Spanjeborrel on tuesday 25th of March. See the program.

Spanjeborrel sponsored by Euro Economics

Again we are happy to welcome Euro Economics as our sponsor for the Cava at the Spanjeborrel.

Nearly all Spanjeborrels so far were supported by the Spain based organization.


Euro Economics is an enthusiastic consulting firm for foreign companies, wealthy individuals and special professional groups in Spain (artists, sports, pilots). Activities include business consulting, tax and legal advice, financial accounting, payroll administration and financial reporting.

Their goal is to ensure that their clients can focus on what brought them to Spain: doing business, playing sports, enjoying life, etc. They will ensure that fiscal, legal and accounting needs are fulfilled.

Company statement: “Focus on your best, and we will do the rest”

LinseyCountry representative Linsey Rijkaard will be attending the Spanjeborrel on the 25th of March.

Are you interested to attend the Spanjeborrel?