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Video report “Global Challenges: Dutch & Spanish solutions”

Start up Spain, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Rafael del Pino Foundation and ESADE, jointly organised the event “Global Challenges: Dutch & Spanish solutions” on 23rd of April in Madrid.

Find here the video report of this event:

“Global Challenges: Dutch & Spanish solutions” event organized in Madrid

Start Up Spain is a living laboratory of startups, venture capital and entrepreneurship in Spain. In the framework of this forum, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Rafael del Pino Foundation and ESADE, jointly organise the event “Global Challenges: Dutch & Spanish solutions”.

In response to positive feedback on previous editions, Start Up Spain is continuing to foster a better understanding of other entrepreneurship models. At this upcoming session, inspired by TEDxBinnenhof 2014 held in The Hague, the Dutch model will be examined and compared to that of Spain.

By engaging in dialogue we will enable both countries to learn from each other’s ecosystems of start-ups, innovation and venture capital. We will ask two questions to the panellists: Do you think your country has any clear advantages or disadvantages when it comes to entrepreneurship and investment? What changes should be made to the entrepreneurial ecosystem to make it more effective?

The event will take place on the 23rd of April in Madrid.

Program of the afternoon

5.30 pm Welcome

Enrique Verdeguer, Director of ESADE Madrid

Cornelis van Rij, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Spain

5.50 pm Keynote speech Anne-Wil Lucas, Member of the Netherlands Parliament, StartupNL

6.15 pm Panel discussion: Leadingentrepreneurship: Dutch & Spanish startups Moderated and introduced by: Jan Brinckmann, Associate Professor in the Department of Strategy and General Management ESADE Business School and business angel


María Fanjul, CEO of Entradas.com

Hanneke Stegweg, founder of iLost

Marcos Alves, co-founder and CEO of Eltenedor.es

Peter van Overloop, co-founder and CEO of Mobile Canal Control

Alfredo Ouro, founder and CEO of Hall St.

Eiso Kant, co-founder and Managing Director of Tyba

7.15 pm Panel discussion: Do’s & Dont’s in the ecosystem of startups Moderated and introduced by: Javier Santiso, Associate Professor of Economics at ESADE, Vice President of ESADEgeo and founder of Start-Up Spain


Robert Verwaayen, co-founder of RoBen Partners

Ángel García, founding partner of Lanta Digital Ventures

Oscar Kneppers, founder of Rockstart Accelerator

Aquilino Peña, founding partner, Kibo Ventures

César Gallo, Vice-Chair of the Repsol Foundation

Hendrik Halbe, Director of ECE (Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship)

8.15 pm Concluding remarks Vicente Montes, Director of the Rafael del Pino Foundation

8.30 pm Networking


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