Rotterdam, 20-11-2014

Since long it was our wish to have a network meeting with Business Club Spanje in Rotterdam and to do a work shop or presentation to work on everyone’s pitch. The meeting at 20th of November brought both together.

Over 20 people/organizations joined us this evening, many of them were also present at the previous meeting in September or any meeting before that.

IMG_9792The work shop was presented by Geert van Vlijmen who was able to capture everyone from the first minute of his presentation up to the end of it. Geert introduced us to The Pitch Canvas©, which is an entrepreneural storytelling tool that supports you in structurizing your pitch and is used by numerous startups, accelerators and corporates to develop innovative, action-winning pitches.

logo-cafe-cultura-nieuweThe meeting was held at Café Cultura in Rotterdam. It is the place for people that love Spanish and Latin American language and culture in the Netherlands. They have a Spanish/Latin American bar, a shop with products from Spain, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Cuba, a book store and a corner for information about travelling and adventureous destinations.

From the start of the meeting we noticed that everyone was comfertable and was easy to connect with other people. Formally, the meeting ended at 20:30 hrs, but the last ones stayed even up to 23:00 hrs when they were gently directed to the door as the Café was closing for that day. It proves that our common back ground, our interest in Spain and the Netherlands, is an excellent starting point to make the Spanjeborrel a succes.

We owe the success of this evening to Geert van Vlijmen for sharing his knowledge and his energy. To the people of Café Cultura for serving us some great food and drinks.

Special thanks to our partner David Ram (FilmForBusiness) for showing us the possibilities of having your own pitch on video and for shooting some pictures for the evening.

We also thank our sponsor: