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It’s Getting Better For Startups In Spain

Once again Spain ranked as one of the worst countries in OECD on which to start a business. A report by the World Bank Group states that Spain is among the bottom five counties of the 34 OECD countries, with only Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland with a worse place to start a company.

The report state that entrepreneurs in Spain often face complexity in setting up shop. One of the main challenges is to deal with many different levels of government, including the national government, the regions, the provinces and the municipalities, that may have different legislation and requirements.

Overall the report places Spain at number 33rd globally in regards to ease of doing business in general.
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Record number of start ups in Madrid

In 2013, a total of 12,093 new businesses started in Madrid. This represents an increase of 5.2% compared to 2012. Madrid is followed by Barcelona (6911), Valencia (2269), Seville (1852) and Zaragoza (1218). As such, Madrid created more startups than the Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Zaragoza together.
These positive figures show a change in the economy. The rise of new companies in Madrid are the result of incentives for enterprises of the Community of Madrid and the attraction of investment capital.

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Do you feel you have too much to do? Do you get stressed out because of what you don’t get done?

Do you feel overwhelmed by everything that must be done to keep your small business running? Do you feel you have too much to do? Do you get stressed out because of what you don’t get done? Would you like to relax or vacation more often?

If your answer is “yes” to these questions it’s time to look at your level of productivity.

Why is being productive important for your business?

Productivity is critical for your business because it allows you to be more cost effective. The more you focus on the important tasks and the faster you handle them, the cheaper it gets to produce your service or product. This allows you to have a higher profit, more sales and a better reputation.

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